I'm always trying to find a way. I'm 20 years old. Las Vegas is where I call home.

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When I was sad, I heard "When I’m gone"When I was happy, I heard "Just lose it"
When I was angry, I heard "Lose Yourself"
When I was younger, I don’t understand anything of these songs, but the beat and the love of Eminem makes people stronger. Whether you’re 9, or 19. He’s someone I will never forgett. 


• a transphobic woman is not a feminist
• a racist woman is not a feminist
• a homophobic woman is not a feminist
• an ableist woman is not a feminist
• exclusionary feminism is not feminism

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Country music makes me happy

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I thought after my ex moved out and I came to stay w/ you for a couple weeks we’d be close like a family should be. I was completely grateful for everything you tried to do for me. But after everything you’ve done, you showed me what a benighted, self-centered, shallow, disgusting, shameful person…

Your birthday is around the corner, and it reminded me of this post. And I hate you even more now than I did then. Nasty mf

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